The Club accomplished several community projects, including:           

  1. Donating Kindles to 3rd grade classes in all schools located within Aurora
  2. Honoring Aurora First Responders at fundraising luncheon.
  3. Partnering with The Salvation Army during the Holiday season to “ring the bell” at local King Soopers Stores to garner donations, starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving and running all weekends through Christmas Eve.
  4. Shots for Tots program from January through June, coordinated in 2016 by Jerry Allen
  5. Hosting the annual State of the Base luncheon in January with Buckley Air Force Base, coordinated by Kevin Hogan and George Peck.
  6. Implementing the annual Flower Power program over the President’s Day weekend, spearheaded by Linda Witulski with assistance from Rangeview High School’s Interact Club.
  7. Giving scholarships to middle and high school students to attend RYLA.
  8. Successfully fundraising via the annual State of the City luncheon, this year with Mayor Hogan.
  9. Successfully fundraising via the annual Golf Tournament.
  10. Giving a variety of Foundation grants to local entities for projects.
  11. A visioning effort was implemented with Club members thanks to District personnel support. Members wanted to continue the Salvation Army support project, increase membership, expand Rotaract where schools are interested, continue State of City, Golf Tournament, and State of the Base fundraising events, ongoing donation of Kindles or other educational-support resources to Aurora schools, continue RI Exchange Student Program, and identify an appropriate International project (A collaborative soap-making project for a village in Africa fell through at the last minute, leaving both Aurora and the Boulder Club without an international project for 2016-17.).  Members unanimously wanted to increase awareness of Club and its community efforts with new PR committee.  Additionally, the Club wanted to partner with the International Community in Aurora: Club members Bill Wiggins and Stephen Brunston obtained appointments to the City of Aurora’s international Immigrants and Refugees Commission.